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Pametni sat CUBOT C9 black


Brand: Shenzhen Huafurui Technology Co., Ltd

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Key Features:
1. Diameter: 43mm Thickness: 10mm Strap Width:19mm Mechanical Waterproof IP68 Screen size 1.28″ Screen type TFT-LCD
2. color screen Screen cover Tempered glass Strap material TPU hardness 70 degrees Buckle TPU hardness 85 degrees Tongue buckle Stainless Steel Hardware MCU Realtek8762CK
3. 160Kb RAM+128Mb ROM IMU (acceleration + gyroscope) STK8321 PPG heart rate sensor VC11 Screen Resolution 240*240 BLE BLE5.0 BLE antenna module Wire Power Operating Voltage 3.7V Battery capacity 210mAh Battery type Lithium polymer battery Charging method Magneto-suction charging Charging time ? 2.5 hours APP OS iOS iOS 9.0+ Android Android5.0+ Function Multi-language support 9 languages(China
4. English
5. German
6. Japanese
7. Spanish
8. Italian
9. French
10. Portuguese
11. Russian) Basic functions Clock
12. date display (12/24 hour system
13. default 12 hour system) Multi-dial OTA upgrade (Upgrade directly via the BLE connection app) Daily activity monitoring Heart rate (24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring) Sleep (excluding short break): falling sleep time
14. wake up time
15. total sleep time.) Steps (Monitor the number of steps per minute and record it every 10 minutes) Calorie (Monitor calories per minute and record it every 10 minutes) Distance (Monitor the distance per minute and record it every 10 minutes) Sports functions walking (Exercise time
16. energy consumption
17. heart rate
18. pace
19. speed
20. steps
21. distance) running (Exercise time
22. energy consumption
23. heart rate
24. pace
25. speed
26. steps
27. distance) riding (Exercise time
28. energy consumption
29. heart rate
30. [ App launches the movement display: pace
31. speed
32. distance]) Climbing (Exercise time
33. energy expenditure
34. heart rate) Yoga ( Exercise time
35. energy consumption) Basketball (Exercise time
36. energy expenditure
37. heart rate) Football (Exercise time
38. energy expenditure
39. heart rate) Table tennis ( Exercise time
40. energy expenditure
41. heart rate ) Badminton (Exercise time
42. energy expenditure
43. heart rate ) Autonomous measurement Heart rate measurement (User self-measurement
44. single heart rate monitoring) Notifications Calling Notification (Incoming call received
45. an alert is displayed; You can hung it up by watch.) Stand-up reminder (This reminder appears when the user is sedentary more than an hour
46. reminding the user to stand up and do some exercise.) SMS notification (The phone receives SMS message push anddisplay it to watch.) App notification (Push notifications from other apps in watch by your choice) Alarm reminder Target reaching reminder (Show this alert when the sport goal is reached) Low battery reminder (Show this alert when the battery power is low) Heart rate too high alert (Show this alert when the heart rate is too high) Other functions Stopwatch (The stopwatch is accurate to the nearest second (eg 59:59.99)) Timer (The timer can be set up to 23 hours
47. 59 minutes and 59 seconds.) Firmware information (View device related information (firmware version
48. BLE address
49. etc.)) Sports record Reset function Music control (Control your smartphone to play music.) Gesture Lift the wrist (Lift the wrist to automatically brighten) lay down (Put down the automatic shut down screen)


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